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Dictatorshop Bed & Throne

♦     Dictatorshop   Modern Bondage Bed                    NEW@KTN Creators Festival 

This Bed have many Poses (Cuddle, Sleep, Massage, Sex, MaleDom, FemDom) and gives Props.

You can change all colors from Bed

No poseballs - uses avsitter

A choice of many huds (sold separately - see related items below) allowing the you to customize the look of the bed to whatever matches your decor.

Land impact of 19 +2 for each night stand (included)

Thankies  Dictatorshop

♦     Dictatorshop   Oak Leaf Throne v1.2                    NEW@KTN Creators Festival 

This Throne have many Poses (Cuddle, MaleDom, FemDom, SoloFemSits and Dance)

You can change all colors on Throne

comes with a color HUD ( 35 Fabrics and 14 Wood) 

Inc. Rug

Thankies  Dictatorshop

*Deco is not Inc.

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