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♦     Tableau Vivant   Unkrempt Hair  -  natural

♦     IKON   Triumph Eyes  -  armor

♦     Adam  Head Beta 1.  v1.4 Bento          NEW and 50%Off (click here)

- This Head comes with anim., Alpha, Shape and HUD


♦     Adam  Beard for Adam Head  -  M4          NEW and 50%Off (click here)

- with HUD


♦     Adam   Meshbody        

- This Body comes with Alpha, Shape and HUD
- Hands & Feet Incl.

Complete mesh body fitted 
hand & feet include [feet are compatible Slink shoes] 
8 Hand pose Right 
8 Hand pose Left 
Over 150 Alpha 
10 Alpha preset 
Save 50 of your favorite alpha preset 
Layer Skin Tattoo & Fashion 
Mesh fashion, ” pant, t-shirt, jacket, shoes” 
6 neck sizes 
2 skin in 11 tones 
color option and specular control 
System Auto-hide 
Compatible OMEGA 
and much more ….


♦     FashonNatic   Laurens Sweater

- with HUD

♦     FashionNatic   Destroy Jeans  -  dark blue

- with HUD

♦     FashionNatic Sneakers from Cinder Male Outfit

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